Updated: May 4, 2020

Photo Credit: LA Times

The Los Angeles City Council approved two ordinances this week that I championed to help working-class maids, janitors, security guards and maintenance workers. The ordinances were based on amending language submitted by me and Councilmember Bob Blumenfield to protect workers in hotels, airports, commercial buildings and performance venues by giving them the opportunity to return to their jobs, with seniority intact, should those jobs return following massive terminations throughout the City due to COVID-19.

A second ordinance would also require larger businesses and corporations to retain employees when businesses are sold – which is an issue whenever corporations sell hotels, for example, to one another and look to shed working-class employees and their salaries.

Both ordinances protect workers who often are forced to reapply and start at entry-level positions, regardless of how many years of service they have.

In the City of Los Angeles, you should not have to work your entire life to pull yourself and In the City of Los Angeles, you should not have to work your entire life to pull yourself and your families out of poverty into a good life, only to have it snatched from your hands in a second, during a pandemic, or otherwise. I fought to enact these ordinances because we need to honor and protect maids, janitors and security guards and other working-class Angelenos whose labor matters. This important vote tells them they are not dispensable, something to be tossed away. Their work, their jobs and their seniority matters and the City Council and the City of Los Angeles will protect them.

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