I will never get tired of fighting human trafficking.  As long as our girls are bought and sold on the streets, I’ll keep fighting to rescue them and arrest the men who buy and sell them.

Usually, the men who are behind selling these girls are gang members who have discovered that selling a girl over and over again can be much more profitable than selling drugs.

In November, the Operations-Valley Bureau Human Trafficking Task Force I have helped create, made arrests of two of those career pimps.  They were both sentenced to prison in February. Both of them have arrest records that show that their arrest and conviction that help keep our streets safe from other crimes, not just for human trafficking victims, but for all of us.

Thanks to the great work of LAPD, one pimp with convictions for robbery and carrying a concealed weapon will be behind bars for about six years for his pimping conviction.  The other, also now in prison for about six years, had an even longer arrest record.  He has previously been convicted of felony grand theft, unlawful sex with a minor, assault with a firearm, and previous human trafficking related charges. 

In fact, the last 19 arrests that the Human Trafficking Task Force has made included people responsible for 47 prior felony convictions and 77 misdemeanor convictions.  Their felony convictions were violent crimes that included many weapons violations.

The San Fernando Valley is a bit safer with these folks off our streets, and I’m grateful that the LAPD is rescuing our girls while also putting away those who would harm others in society.