I attended the beginning of the third of a four-phase extensive cleanup at the Sepulveda Basin recently. This effort is organized by my office and led by the Department of Recreation and Parks with support from LA Sanitation and LAPD and outreach from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) and LA Family Housing. We have a duty to ensure that park hours are enforced and the basin remains safe and accessible to all visitors.

Recent fires are a reminder that we need to keep this effort going to protect the safety of everyone, people living in the encampments, visitors who want to utilize the park space, and residents in the surrounding communities.

The Phase III cleanup at Bull Creek will continue past the one-week initially set for this effort. A second pass of the remaining Phase III areas that have not been cleaned up yet is expected to take place in early December.

The 4th and final phase will focus on the Encino Creek area.

We will continue to offer services to people living in the encampments who want help, and we will work with state and federal authorities for their approval to clean the other areas of the basin that are under their jurisdiction.