ONEgeneration Solar Panel Activation:Bringing Clean Energy to the San Fernando Valley

We activated a solar panel project that will bring 428 kilowatts of energy to the San Fernando Valley. This project will also benefit ONEgeneration, an amazing organization which serves our seniors, children and families and has continued providing incredible services throughout the pandemic.  

My office has been supporting the great work here by providing PPE to staffers, diapers to their ‘Grandparents as Parents’ program and volunteering at their weekly food bank. I’m very proud to have this site in my district. In addition to the 1,233 solar panels installed above us, there are 40 electric vehicle chargers that are going in this parking lot to benefit visitors and staff.  

This small project has the environmental equivalent of planting a small forest of over 8,000 trees, and also provides shade for the visitors of the farmer’s market which is held in this parking lot.

This is yet another step in the right direction as we build a better Los Angeles with our eyes on the future.