LA City Council President Martinez and YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles Launch FEEDLA Program

Today we announced a partnership with the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles to launch the FEEDLA initiative focused on hunger and bridging the education gap facing low income communities.

FEEDLA is a groundbreaking program that merges the City of Los Angeles with the unique resources of a non-profit organization to create this unprecedented initiative. Led by LA City Council President Nury Martinez, this program will turn 16 LA-Y branches into community empowerment hubs that will lay the foundation for recovery in areas hard hit by the pandemic.

Throughout this pandemic, our children have suffered tremendously in their development. The world around them changed in a blink of an eye. As the Chair of the Ad-Hoc Committee on COVID-19, I knew that with extra funding the YMCA-LA would be able to expand their great food program by one million meals and now will also be a learning hub where students can get extra tutoring so they don’t fall behind in school.

The FEEDLA initiative allows the LA-Y to continue to provide needed services and resources to in-need families to make sure post-pandemic recovery is equal for everyone. Resources available at the 16 LA-Y branches include:

FOOD DISTRIBUTION: This initiative allows for an additional 1 Million Grab & Go meal distribution, contactless grocery pickup, and grocery meal delivery for isolated people including seniors and people with disabilities.

LEARNING RECOVERY: Equitable distance learning resources such as free wifi at Y branches will expand to include learning hubs to bring structured in-person and virtual tutoring and academic support to thousands of lower-income elementary, middle and high school students within the City of Los Angeles.

BASIC NEED RESOURCES: The initiative will provide valuable resources via the Family Resource Center to help families re-build and thrive including access to health services (flu Shots, COVID testing / vaccines, dental/vision screenings), mental health resources, and other referrals free of charge.

The City of Los Angeles requires participants to register in advance either on-site or online via to benefit fully of all FEEDLA resources.

FEEDLA YMCA-LA Community Empowerment Hubs Locations:

Anderson-Munger Family YMCA

Collins & Katz Family YMCA

Crenshaw Family YMCA

Culver-Palms Family YMCA

East Valley Family YMCA

Hollywood YMCA

Ketchum-Downtown YMCA

Mid-Valley Family YMCA

North Valley Family YMCA

Palisades-Malibu YMCA

San Pedro & Peninsula YMCA

Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA

Weingart YMCA Wellness Center

Westchester Family YMCA

West Valley Family YMCA

Wilmington YMCA

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