LA City Council Passes Budget for the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year with Elevate LA Programs

Updated: May 25

Los Angeles City Council passed the 22-23 Fiscal Year $7.53B budget with funding for new programs and expansions to existing programs that will help elevate Angelenos.

The Los Angeles City Council approved an amended version of the 2022-2023 Mayor’s Proposed Budget today, paving the way for an influx of resources and new programs that will elevate Angelenos in the coming fiscal year.

“At the beginning of this year, I laid out my Elevate LA agenda, a list of priorities for making Los Angeles a city that uplifts all Angelenos,” said Council President Nury Martinez. “Today, this Council took important steps to deliver on those promises and make our city work for everyone. This budget includes crucial funding that will help families break the cycle of poverty and make Los Angeles a more livable city.”

Earlier this year, Martinez shared her vision for the Los Angeles of the future: an equitable, livable city with intergenerational wealth and, notably, without family poverty by 2035. The investments the Council has made in new and existing programs in the budget lend to these goals, with major investments in community revitalization, climate investments, and homelessness prevention initiatives.

“Right now, Los Angeles doesn’t work for all Angelenos,” said Martinez. “We have a housing crisis that makes it difficult for families to build intergenerational wealth; we have families that want to work but can’t afford childcare; and, we have too many communities who don’t have access to basic resources within their own neighborhoods. This budget is built to address these issues and find both immediate and long-term solutions that were designed with equity in mind.”

Council President Martinez’s Elevate LA initiatives, many of which passed Council earlier this year, are funded through this fiscal budget. This includes programs to uplift families and decrease poverty, initiatives to help Angelenos build intergenerational wealth through homeownership and ADU development, the Office of Job Quality Stabilization, and Van Nuys Civic Center Improvement Projects.

The Council’s amended budget includes investments, such as:

  • $5M for additional moderate-income homeownership loans

  • $1.2M for new staff to ensure enforcement of anti-tenant harassment laws

  • $100K for the Office of Community Wealth to help end family poverty by 2035

  • $1.6M for homelessness prevention, including the Solid Ground Program

  • $3.2M for the Climate Equity Fund including a program to purchase air purifiers for low-income households, to implement cool pavement programs in areas with high heat scores, provide new insulation and cool roofs to housing in low-income areas with high heat index scores.

  • $19.1M for 13 Child Care Facilities

  • $20K for two Girls Fire Camps

  • $2M for a new ADU program to help low-income families renovate or build ADUs and create intergenerational wealth

  • $1.3M for critical repairs and improvements to the Van Nuys Civic Center and to begin revitalizing unused city parking lots across Van Nuys

  • $2.5M for the Sepulveda Basin Vision Plan

In late April, Mayor Eric Garcetti submitted his proposed budget for the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year to the Los Angeles City Council. Over the past month, the Council has held hearings and meetings with the City’s Departments as well as from the general public as funding allocations were requested and included in the Council’s amendments. The budget now goes to the Mayor’s desk for approval.


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