Holding DWP Accountable for Methane Leak at Valley Generating Station

I am furious to hear about the methane leak at the Valley Generating Station. It is a slap in the face and another environmental injustice laid on a community that has historically been dismissed, and overburdened with an over concentration of heavy industry and the health effects that come with that.

The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power should have alerted the community immediately. What they call incidental levels of methane is insulting to a community whose personal burden is the reason the city does not have to go off the grid during heatwaves. They do not need the added harms of one more kilogram of polluted or toxic air, let alone 100 kilograms of leaking methane every hour.

Neither the community nor I agree with LADWP’s analysis or delayed plan to fix the problem. We want these leaks to be dealt with immediately. I will be introducing a motion on Tuesday in the Los Angeles City Council demanding answers. 

Photo: Hans Gutknecht Daily News