First Meeting as President

Today, I presided over my first meeting as Los Angeles City Council President. I introduced my agenda that is informed by my working-class roots. I am a child of the working poor, which is why I am a champion for the working poor, and why my main priority is to create a families-first agenda that makes sure every child has the opportunity to make the most of this city’s many gifts.

Right now, in the City of Los Angeles, there are families that are doing everything right, yet it is not enough. Our families-first agenda is a call to action to lead, to be courageous and to act with urgency. We want to see children of the working poor, women, and families, fulfill their dreams, which benefits the whole City. I am the first Latina City Council President in the City’s history – I cannot be the last. Young girls of all backgrounds should have the opportunity to lead the City Council one day or occupy any position of power. Our work under my Presidency will focus on making sure they, and others, have the opportunity to do just that.

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