Women's Equality Day Panel 2016

Women’s Equality Day is when we celebrate the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which guaranteed a woman’s right to vote.  We also must dedicate ourselves to continuing to push forward equality for women throughout the political world.  Though there have, previously, been up to five women on the 15-member Los Angeles City Council at any one time, today I am the only woman serving there.  We’re headed in the wrong direction.

Nury and panel members

This year, it has been 96 years since women secured the right to vote with the 19th Amendment, and to celebrate, I hosted a panel discussion in the City Council Chambers to discuss women in politics and how to encourage more women to get involved.  I was honored to be joined by some really incredible women leaders:  Our panel was moderated by Courtney La Bau, with Emerge California. Our panelists were Former Los Angeles Controller Wendy Gruel; Dr. Jackie Filla from Mount Saint Mary's University's annual "Ready to Run" program; Lindsay Bubar with Emerge California; Karriann Farrell Hinds with NWPC LA Westside; and Monica Rodriguez with Latinas Lead California. It was a fantastic and important conversation.

Panel conversation