Welcoming a New Face to the LA Chamber

Just before the end of September, we gathered in the forecourt of City Hall to welcome Maria Salinas to her new post as President and CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez and I we were proud to co-host the event for Maria as she is both the first woman and the first Latina to ever hold the post.

The LA Area Chamber of Commerce is one of our City’s most powerful and influential institutions. I am proud to report that Maria was chosen unanimously by her peers to lead the Chamber. As we also welcomed Luz Rivas to her post as Assemblywoman this month, I was reminded of how much progress our City has made in the five years since I was first elected. In the fight for gender equity, not every glass ceiling is broken with a crash. But if we have shown just one more girl that she is smart enough and qualified enough to follow her dreams, we will be that much closer to shattering that glass ceiling for everyone, no matter their color, religion or gender.