Van Nuys & Vanowen Get A Makeover!

Part of representing the Sixth District is ensuring that we have a say in what happens in our District. From passing motions that assist our residents plagued by illegal car sales to collaborating with City Departments to prioritize our District, I’m working to make sure our District gets what’s need accomplished.

This weekend, my team worked with City Departments to clean up the overgrown median at Van Nuys and Vanowen. With the assistance of my office, crews ensured that the irrigation system wasn’t damaged while they removed dead plant material and cut back the branches that were stretching into the left turn lanes in both directions.  But the highlight of the cleanup was the many comments from local residents and nearby business owners that were eager to see the improvement locally.

By Tuesday, the team will ensure that the area is swept and cleaner than before. From small improvements to major ones, we are seeing real change in the Valley.