Valley Bureau Human Trafficking Task Force Update

Last year I helped launch the Valley Bureau Operations Human Trafficking Task Force to target the sex trade that happens in some of our neighborhoods and business areas.  I’m very excited to announce that the LAPD and our partners in this task force have been incredibly successful since they started last October.  Some of their accomplishments by the numbers:

  • 817 citations issued
  • 83 “Johns” arrested
  • 27 impounds of “John’s” vehicles
  • 119 total arrests (12 were pimps)
  • 90 community meetings (in person, telephone and email)

We’ve had a 91% filing rate on the pimps with multiple convictions so far.  We will continue this aggressive fight against the criminal enterprise that buys and sells women and children. Please contact 647TIPS@LAPD.LACITY.ORG with any human trafficking concerns.Human Trafficking Arrest