Strike Team Ride along: Picking up the streets of North Hills and Panorama City

Last year, I created the CD 6 Strike Team to confront the bulky item and trash problems in the Sixth District. In the long run, I am working with my colleagues to improve the response time for 311 and ensure that we are receiving equal access to all of our City Services but until a solution can be developed, I refuse to sit idly by.

To confront the issue today, I hired the CD 6 Strike Team to pick up bulky items in the meantime. As a result, when CD 6 residents aren’t getting their neighborhoods picked up in a timely manner, Luis and the Strike Team stop by each neighborhood once a week and pick up discarded items.

This week, I joined Luis on his drive through North Hills East and Panorama City as we picked up bulky items and trash that was reported and unreported in the community. Community members joined us for the ride and came out to thank us for our work cleaning their communities.

Over time I want to see the communities I remember from my childhood. To get there, we need to invest in our public safety and the cleanliness of our streets. We have a long way to go but, in the meantime, we need to do everything we can to bring our community closer every day.