Street Lighting

SUN_VALLEY_STREET_LIGHTS.jpgSun Valley and North Hollywood Lighting Districts begin their first phase with the installation of 40 permanent lights on 7 residential streets serving 180 households! I’m absolutely committed to bringing much needed lighting projects to Council District 6 through competitive Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). 

In the past two and a half years I’ve secured CDBG money for lighting projects in Van Nuys, Sun Valley, and North Hollywood.  Two have recently completed construction and installation (Hinds Avenue in North Hollywood as well as Bakman Ave, Elmer Ave, Klump Ave, Fair Ave, Case Ave, and Ensign Ave in Sun Valley).  We are currently doing outreach to neighbors and preparing for installation in two additional locations in Sun Valley and North Hollywood.  We also have begun the planning process for two additional locations in the Sixth District.

If you live in a neighborhood that could use street lighting, please call my Sun Valley office and let us know! 818.771.0236