Statement From Councilwoman Nury Martinez in Opposition of AB 516

On Tuesday, June 11, Councilwoman Nury Martinez announced her opposition to Assembly Bill 516 (Chiu). After discussing the bill and its potential impacts with members of law enforcement and residents of the community, Councilwoman Martinez issued the following statement. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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Statement From Councilwoman Nury Martinez in Opposition of AB 516

Los Angeles, CA -City of Los Angeles Councilwoman Nury Martinez issued the following statement after voicing her opposition against AB 516 and hearing the impacts this would have to City operations, which would result from the passage of this bill:

“The City of Los Angeles is one of the most densely populated cities in the nation. We are constantly reminded of this density when we get stuck on the road during rush hour, or when we struggle to find a parking spot anywhere in the City. That is the reality for many working families in my District, for the single mother who lives in one of the many Panorama City apartments coming home after a long workday. 

“AB 516 would not only limit the authority the City has to impound vehicles, but it would prevent our Transportation and Police departments from enforcing rules that protect the safety of our residents. If the City lost its ability to remove abandoned vehicles, residents would be forced to deal with increased harm to public safety and serious quality of life issues related to the abandoned vehicles left in their neighborhoods. As a City, housing those who need a home, while protecting our residents and the integrity of our communities, should be our number one priority.

“This means that a bill that impacts the quality of life of our residents should actually be crafted by people who live in this City, and who are on the ground each day providing for the safety of our communities.”