Start your own Neighborhood Watch

Growing up in the Valley, I remember the sense of community that existed. From neighborhoods where the kids could play in the streets to workers organizing together for their futures, a strong sense of community can make a great difference and help neighbors avoid problems that plague our City. 

Neighborhood Watch meetingToday, the Sixth District has dozens of Neighborhood Watches organized by street or neighborhood and individualized to the preferences of the community. These watches enable residents to meet with their local LAPD Senior Lead Officers to discuss local community needs. They meet as regularly as they want and host many events including block parties, safety meetings, and participate in events like National Night Out.

As a Neighborhood Watch Captain in my community, I highly encourage you to join or start your own group by contacting my office. Please reach out to my Van Nuys or Sun Valley offices where my team can help you find out if there is already a watch in your neighborhood or get organized and coordinate with LAPD to establish your team.

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