Spotlight: Galaxy of Comics

Galaxy of Comics

When you see Galaxy of Comics on Saticoy in Lake Balboa, you might be tempted to think it is just another comic book store.  You’d be mistaken.  Galaxy of Comics has become a bit of a hang-out location for a wide variety of people from throughout the San Fernando Valley.

Owner Warren Jaycox explains, “We want this to be a place that serves the avid comic book reader, while also being comfortable and welcoming to someone who has never picked up a comic book before.”

The store opened in January 2009 and quickly became a place that welcomed everyone in the community.  Galaxy of Comics regularly hosts “Girls Nights Out,” a fan-based shopping experience encouraging women and girls who are fans of all kinds to to gather and meet other like-minded individuals.  They also, in partnership with, regularly host LGBT singles nights, where they celebrate their LGBT patrons.

At Galaxy of Comics, you’ll find everything you’d expect in a traditional comic book store.  There’s plenty of Superman and Spider-Man to go around, but you’ll also see Wonder Woman proudly welcoming you at the front door (as you can see with Mr. Jaycox pictured above), and more serious comic books like, “March,” authored by Civil Rights Icon and Atlanta-area Congressman John Lewis (D-GA). 

Small businesses like this make the Sixth Council District great.  We are not only boosting our local economy, but we also have the opportunity to build community and give back to those who patronize our businesses.

In an upcoming event at Galaxy of Comics on March 25, at 5 p.m. you will find the Whedon Knit Night, in partnership with Whedoncon2017.  This group will be there to talk about their favorite comic books, but knitting throughout the discussion.  The items they knit will be donated to help homeless children and infants keep warm.    I encourage you to check it out, particularly if you knit or have a desire to learn how!

I couldn’t be more proud to have Galaxy of Comics in Council District Six and contributing to our community.   I encourage you to check them out and discover the inner comic book nerd in all of us!  There’s something in this store for anyone with an active imagination and a love of reading.  As they say, Galaxy of Comics is, “Where comics live!”

Go by the store today:  Galaxy of Comics, 17306 Saticoy St., Van Nuys.