Speedhump Program Re-Starting

I’m excited to announce that the City’s Speed Hump Program has started up again.  It will be a small program to start, but it will get us headed in the right direction and help make some streets safer.  The applicant period will be limited to 45 days and 30 applications per council district. That application window can close before 45 days if the 30 applications are submitted before the deadline.


Applicants who submit the application must live on the street that is being submitted and be willing to serve as the block representative. If warranted, 2/3 of the residents on the block must return a survey that confirms their support. 

A speed hump is deemed appropriate and feasible for installation when all appropriate implementation criteria have been considered including:

  • Distance between traffic controls of at least 600 feet
  • Critical (85th percentile) speed is greater than 30 mph where the speed limit is 25 or is greater than 35 mph where the speed limit is 30
  • Volumes of at least 1000 vehicles per day for the block in question

Qualified locations with confirmed support will then be prioritized based on criteria including crash history, proximity to schools and parks, as well as speed and volume, constructability, roadway and sidewalk conditions. 

Here is the link to begin the application process: