Renters Relief Helps Families Before Holidays, New Fire Station 39 Improves Public Safety, the Latina Empowered Health Summit and much more!



Below you will find stories about my office’s commitment to my Families First agenda that provides relief - in real time - to Council District 6 and the City’s hard working residents with protections against unfair rent hikes and evictions, improved LAFD emergency fire service and tips for young women to lead healthier lives.

To combat skyrocketing rent increases ahead of the implementation of AB 1482, a statewide affordable housing bill that limits rent increases beginning Jan. 1, 2020, I authored the City’s first-of-its-kind Emergency Renters Relief Program to protect low-income renters from unfair evictions and rent gouging by unscrupulous landlords taking advantage of a loophole in that bill.

We also celebrated the Grand Opening of the new Fire Station 39 in Van Nuys - replacing the oldest active fire station in the City, something I worked hard to bring to the community since my first days in office.

And after cutting through much red tape dealing with state departments, the repaving of Osborne Street, from Arleta Ave. to Laurel Canyon Blvd. is underway! First as an emergency effort ahead of the rainy season, and second with a full repaving effort, complete with ADA-compliant ramps along the street. That work will be completed by Spring 2020.

I also partnered recently with women’s health advocate Alejandra Campoverdi to promote, teach and encourage health awareness and participation for young Latinas in our community -- a subject that often isn’t discussed in Latino households.

And with Phase III of our four-phase cleanup effort underway at Bull Creek at the Sepulveda Basin, my commitment to the safety of all people - those living at the Basin, as well as visitors and nearby residents - remains solid and enforcement of the park’s sunrise to sunset laws in the areas we have completed will continue. Read about these efforts and more below!





Providing Relief to Families on the Verge of Homelessness

It has been just two weeks since the City Council voted to approve nearly $3 million to fund a program I authored to create the City’s first-ever Emergency Renter Relief Program, which addresses the very serious crisis of rent gouging and evictions.

In the days and weeks leading up to the passage and signing of AB 1482 by Governor Newsom in early October, there were reports throughout the City, including in my district, of tenants receiving large rent increases and/or eviction notices. In fact, the inspiration for my involvement was hearing about 23 families on Tobias Avenue in Panorama City who were facing evictions. Prior to that, these mostly immigrant families had received large rent increases.

The state law is I think a good one that will provide much-needed protections to low and middle-income renters in Los Angeles. But unfortunately, the bill does not take effect until January 1, 2020.

That oversight created a loophole where some bad landlords have taken advantage and tried to make as much money as possible by raising rents so high that people cannot pay for them, or by giving tenants 60-day notices to vacate under a no-fault eviction process.

LA Times: L.A. renters facing big hikes could get help from the city

The Los Angeles City Council took immediate action to address both issues. We adopted a ban on no-fault evictions before the state law goes into effect, and a week later, on October 30th we created the Emergency Renters Relief Fund. Our goal is to assist low-income residents who are not just living paycheck to paycheck, but living day-to-day, and are one life emergency away from possibly becoming homeless. Whether we help one family or 40, or 100, this effort is worthwhile because we know it is much cheaper to keep people in their homes than it is to build new housing.

At this time of year, in the middle of the holidays, we want to do all we can to assist them. It would be devastating to find yourself out on the street during the Holiday Season. If you are a low-income renter and had your rent increased by more than 8% since March 15, 2019, you could be eligible for some relief.

CBS Los Angeles Report on Emergency Rent Relief Program

Our partners for this program include the City’s Housing + Community Investment Department (HCIDLA), our 15 Family Source Centers throughout the City, and the Housing Rights Center. People can get more information about the program in English, Spanish, Armenian, Russian and Korean at, including eligibility requirements, and a full list of all 15 Family Source Centers in the City. You can also download the application from my website,

Once you fill it out the form, bring it to your closest Family Source Center and staff will assist you. Besides our program, Family Source Centers also provide a wide range of resources helpful to low-income parents, families, and seniors.

You can also contact HCIDLA’s hotline at (866) 557-RENT (7368).


CD6 Leads the Way in Supporting Homeless Housing

When it comes to those in need in the San Fernando Valley, Council District 6 has always been there to lend a helping hand. I am proud to announce that CD6 has fulfilled our Everyone In LA promise to build 222 new units or more of supportive housing by July 2020.

Meanwhile, we will continue our multi-pronged public safety and cleanup efforts in the Sepulveda Basin and through our expanded CD6 Clean Sweep Team removing illegal dumping and bulky items from our streets. Service, public safety and cleanups must go hand-in-hand.

I commend the residents of Council District 6 for continuing to step up and provide supportive housing for formerly homeless individuals, including seniors, veterans, and families.


Ladies - Be the CEO of your Own Body!

I’ve written here and spoken about my experience with Postpartum depression, and just how isolating it feels to know that something doesn’t feel quite right, but to not have knowledge and awareness to understand that what is happening, while painful, is normal and okay. I have learned much from that experience. But above everything, I gained the important understanding that I needed to be my own biggest cheerleader for my own mental, physical, and spiritual health.

I partnered with Alejandra Campoverdi, a fellow LA native and former staffer in the Obama Administration, to host a Latina Health Empowerment Forum outside City Hall for more than 100 Latina students from San Fernando Valley High Schools, as well as other parts of the City.

Alejandra lost both her great-grandmother and grandmother to breast cancer, and her mother and two aunts have fought it as well. Alejandra learned that she had inherited the BRCA2 gene mutation that gave her an 85% risk of developing breast cancer. She bravely took control of her own life and health and although she showed no signs of breast cancer, she elected to undergo a double mastectomy as a preventive measure. Afterward, tissue samples revealed that, in fact, she had already developed breast cancer.

Alejandra became a women’s health advocate and launched the Well Woman Coalition to promote healthier lifestyles and provide insight to young Latinas to take control of their bodies.

As I'm fond of saying, "You can't be what you can't see." With an excellent panel of leading Latina entrepreneurs, social and cultural influencers, fitness, and mental health experts, it was a magical night for our young ladies full of laughs and incredible life-lessons, amid tips and helpful information for leading a healthier and happier life.

It was all part of our recognition of Latino Heritage Month as well as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Remember, Mujeres: be the CEO of your own body!


Recognizing a Lifetime of Service

In honor of Veterans Day, I was proud to recognize John Best as our CD6 Veteran of the Year. We are so grateful to John for his service to our Country and the community of Panorama City. John served in the 28th Public Information Office of the U.S. Army from 1969 - 1971. Since then, he has been an outstanding community partner, doing everything from being an active member of his Neighborhood Watch to sweeping street corners every single morning. All to show his pride for our community and our country. He is a mainstay at community cleanups and even joined us for the launch of our Clean Sweep Team this September. It is safe to say, that no community cleanup in Panorama City is complete, without the presence and passion of John Best. He is an outstanding neighbor, partner, friend and Veteran! Thank you, John. I wish you, and all who have served, a Happy Veterans Day.

Landmark Solar Project Represents Policy Shift For Frontline Communities

The Energy, Climate Change & Environmental Justice Committee that I chair, followed by the City Council, approved the Eland Solar Project, which will bring cheap, clean energy to ratepayers and residents in the City of Los Angeles. The benefit of this agreement is more valuable than the affordable solar power it will allow us to generate. It is a step forward towards what our renewable energy policy for Los Angeles should accomplish: reducing gas power usage in frontline communities like those I represent in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. This is consistent with my Green New Deal vision. Environmental Justice should begin first and foremost in the communities most impacted by the burdens of the rest of the city's progress, and this agreement sets the table for more focused efforts in that direction.


Prioritizing Public Safety for All at the Sepulveda Basin

I attended the beginning of the third of a four-phase extensive cleanup at the Sepulveda Basin recently. This effort is organized by my office and led by the Department of Recreation and Parks with support from LA Sanitation and LAPD and outreach from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) and LA Family Housing. We have a duty to ensure that park hours are enforced and the basin remains safe and accessible to all visitors.

Recent fires are a reminder that we need to keep this effort going to protect the safety of everyone, people living in the encampments, visitors who want to utilize the park space, and residents in the surrounding communities.

The Phase III cleanup at Bull Creek will continue past the one-week initially set for this effort. A second pass of the remaining Phase III areas that have not been cleaned up yet is expected to take place in early December.

The 4th and final phase will focus on the Encino Creek area.

We will continue to offer services to people living in the encampments who want help, and we will work with state and federal authorities for their approval to clean the other areas of the basin that are under their jurisdiction.


Prop 187 Awakened a Generation to Fight for Change

November 8, 2019, was the 25th anniversary of the passage of Proposition 187 - One of California's darkest days. Although the courts ruled the anti-immigrant proposition unconstitutional, Proposition 187 awakened a generation of young Latino Californians who transformed their righteous outrage into political action. As the daughter of immigrants and a proud member of the generation of Latinos who felt compelled to seek public office, including those from the Northeast San Fernando Valley, I was proud to help commemorate 187’s anniversary as Latinos and other disenfranchised communities across California continue to stand up against racism, hatred, and bigotry. We are California, and we will always be stronger together.


Celebrating 70 Years of Japanese American Culture at Valley Gakuen

What an honor to be invited to the Valley Gakuen Japanese language school's 70th Anniversary Gala. I presented certificates to the pioneers who founded and have maintained for decades Japanese American culture at the Valley Gakuen Language School in Sun Valley. And it was special to honor my neighbors, Ken and June Kageyama, for their contributions. For me, as the daughter of Mexican immigrants who knows what the sting of racism feels like, the Valley Gakuen is a powerful reminder that hate, blind ignorance, and bigotry are no match against the resiliency of the human spirit. They are no match when facing hope and love, and they are no match against unwavering righteousness. It is such a pleasure to have the Valley Gakuen Japanese Language School call CD6 home all these decades, and I hope they continue on for another 70 years!


Osborne Street Get MUCH Needed TLC

I am proud to announce that Osborne Street, from Arleta Avenue to Laurel Canyon Boulevard, has received an emergency street repair. Since taking office six years ago, this project has been a major priority for me. I want to thank the residents of Arleta for their advocacy and patience. I have worked in collaboration with Assemblymember Luz Rivas to cut through the red tape to make this happen.

The Bureau of Street Services crews conducted a Phase I emergency resurfacing of Osborne to prevent further deterioration due to rain and wear and tear. A Phase II permanent resurfacing, with the installation of ADA compliant access ramps, will take place in Spring 2020.


Van Nuys Community Thanks Firefighters With Brand New Station

After years of hard work, I was proud to invite members of the Van Nuys community to celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Fire Station 39 on Oxnard Street. Once the oldest active fire station in LA, Station 39 had long outgrown its old site. So I made it my mission to ensure that Station 39 has a home that meets the modern needs of our firefighters and community.

Our firefighters put their lives on the line each and every day. And the recent fires burning in LA County and across our state have been a sobering reminder of that fact. The least we can do is ensure they have the proper facilities, equipment, and support to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. They’ve more than earned it.

Thank you to the Los Angeles Fire Department and all our partners, including U.S. Congressman Tony Cárdenas for his early support!


Cottonwood Urban Farm Helps to Keep the Valley Green

I want to thank LA Compost and Cottonwood Urban Farm for recognizing me as a "Healthy Soils Champion" at their Annual LA Gratitude Party. LA Compost has partnered with my friend, Elliott Kuhn, and his urban farm to provide the community with a safe place to compost and minimize local waste making it to our landfills. Historically, the Northeast San Fernando Valley has been victim to environmental injustices and it is great to see the community take ownership to create change. If we all do our small share, it will lead to big results now and in the future. Cottonwood Urban Farm is located in Panorama City, at 8380 Ventura Canyon Ave., and is open to the public Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. I encourage you to stop by this family-friendly space and learn more about how you can make a positive environmental difference here in the San Fernando Valley!


6 From CD6

6 recent photos that tell the story of CD6!

1. A student from Panorama High School is invited on stage to ask a question at the Latina Empowered Health Summit.

2. The view from a Cherry-Picker, as City Crews conduct tree-trimming on Rubio Street in Lake Balboa.

3. One of the perks of being an honored guest at the Anheuser Busch Family Day Celebration in Van Nuys is that I got to say hello to one of the Clydesdales!

4. Stopped by to thank crews with the Bureau of Street Services for the repavement of Osborne Street in Arleta. Crews included many local residents proud to be helping their community!

5. Joined advocates and housing experts to get the word out about the City’s Emergency Renters Relief Program at the New Economics for Women Family Source Center in Van Nuys.

6. One of Arleta’s most adorable constituents ready for a community cleanup at Vena Avenue Elementary.

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