Reaching the Panorama City Community Through Apartment Manager Meetings

Too often, our residents don’t realize that my office and City departments can help with everyday concerns. From scheduling bulky item picks to reporting illegal marijuana shops, my office can be a resource to residents.

Apartment Managers meetingThat’s why my office hosts bi-monthly Apartment Managers meetings in Panorama City and North Hills in conjunction with the Panorama City and North Hills Neighborhood Councils. These meetings inform managers and tenants about the City resources available to them. These meetings have grown significantly and to serve my neighbors better, we have translation equipment for Spanish speaking participants.

At the May meeting Apartment Managers meeting, we invited the Los Angeles Police Department to speak about public safety and marijuana use in apartment complexes. We also invited the San Fernando Valley Partnership to do a presentation on underage drinking. Over 50 residents came together to learn more about what is already possible and to express their concerns with the City directly to our leaders.

I’ve been proud of the success of this program and it is expanding to different parts of the District. These meetings are important for residents and managers because it helps us get to know each other and brings the community together.

Please join us for our next Panorama City Apartment Managers meeting on July 202015 at the Sepulveda Recreation Center at 6:30pm. Also, stay tuned to my Facebook and website for updates for Apartment Manager meetings in your area.

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