Public Safety Town Hall

This month I wrapped up my Public Safety Town Hall, where I hosted new leadership from the LAPD Operations-Valley Bureau and our new LAPD Chief of Police, Michel Moore. I wanted to show Chief Moore all the amazing work happening here in our communities, especially the work that community members like yourselves are undertaking. Things like forming neighborhood watches. Once upon a time, I myself was the neighborhood watch captain for my block. So I’ve seen first-hand just how much change can occur when communities come together to discuss issues and find solutions. This is why one of my biggest priorities during my time as Councilwoman, has been combating human trafficking through the Task Force I created three years ago. Public safety has always been, and will always be, my number one concern for the Sixth District.

Just like you, I care about safe and clean streets, especially when it comes to creating safer spaces for our children. Thank you to our participants, who provided us with a diverse series of questions covering homelessness, cannabis, and everything in between. Community meetings like this are essential to keeping an open line of communication between residents and our local law enforcement. If you missed the event, click here to view the video.