Protecting a Woman's Right to Choose: Rally to Save Roe & Defending Planned Parenthood

Rally_to_Save_Roe.JPGOn the eve of the Presidential Inauguration, I was proud to join the National Council of Jewish Women, Los Angeles, at a “Rally to Save Roe.”  We gathered to send a clear message to the incoming administration that women “Won’t go back” to the days when we didn’t have the choice to make our own reproductive and healthcare decisions.

Many women in Council District 6 rely on the services of Planned Parenthood for their healthcare.  Women need to have all the accurate and honest information available to them to make healthy decisions for their own bodies, and Planned Parenthood provides this.  Additionally, many of these clinics provide cancer screenings, various forms of birth control, and other health services.  When the incoming leadership in Washington D.C. declared their first priority was to defund Planned Parenthood, it made me angry, as it will hurt many residents of my district.

Ultimately, it is important to me that we send a clear message, that a woman in Los Angeles should make her own healthcare decisions, and men in Washington D.C. shouldn’t dictate those decisions to her!