Pot Shops

Angelenos voted in 2013 to limit the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the City.  Yet hundreds of pot shops kept popping up, especially in our neighborhoods.  I've been working with the City Attorney's office and LAPD, and since I took office, we've closed or are currently investigating over 90 pot shops that aren't Prop D compliant in our communities.  Last week, I led the City Council in adopting an ordinance that prohibits the City from continuing to collect sales taxes from shops operating outside the ordinance.  In fact, we're stopping the City from even issuing business tax certificates, which used to give people the impression the business was legal.  We will continue to make sure any dispensaries in CD6 are operating within the rules voters adopted under Prop D. Follow our progress on closures and investigations with this map.Pot Shops in CD6 Map