October Newsletter: School's in session and Fall is underway!

While the leaves have started turning colors across the country, in the Sixth District, it's still sunny as we stay hard at work! Over the course of this month, I've been proud to join our neighbors dedicated to cleaning up, watching over and enjoying our district! Scroll below to learn more about my work locally.

In our Neighborhoods

Van Nuys

Like many residents, I remember a bustling Van Nuys Blvd, filled with cruising cars and fun evenings. Today I'm working hard to bring a fresh twist on a Valley classic, re-imagining the cruising culture into a pedestrian, bike, and transit oriented culture.

And part of that vision is bringing together our residents to reinvigorate public spaces like the Van Nuys City Hall Courtyard. That's why I was so excited to introduce our very first Van Nuys Movies Night. With over 1,000 attendees over three nights, it was wonderful to join your family as we enjoyed watching these classics! But this was just the beginning. We are taking steps to host more events just like this one to reimagine the future of the Valley.

Sun Valley

As a resident of Sun Valley, I know firsthand our need to mitigate polluted or former industrialized areas, and restore them into future parks and open space for our families. That's why I'm dedicated to bringing more open space to the Sixth District. Our children deserve a chance to run, play and explore, uninterrupted by the health problems caused by industrial pollution. 

To further protect our natural resources, I was proud to join Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky as we broke ground on the 46-acre Rory Shaw Wetlands Park. This formerly polluted industrial area will now be a park for families to take strolls and children to play. In addition to our newly opened Sheldon Skate Park and the future Cesar Chavez Park, Rory Shaw Wetlands will make our neighborhoods more welcoming to our families that live here!

Lake Balboa

We gave Lake Balboa received some extra attention as I hosted over 400 volunteers to clean Lake Balboa and our section of the LA River. We successfully removed 1,300 pounds of trash out of the Basin and over 7 tons of bulky items and trash around Bassett Elementary! 

It is incredible what we can accomplish together. Our work allows us to keep our recreation areas and nearby beaches free of debris. With the Sepulveda Basin in our backyard, it is important that we do our part to keep our community beautiful.

Panorama City

As a mother, I know how important it is to keep our children safe. This is why I joined City Attorney Mike Feuer at Vista Middle School to unveil the Neighborhood School Safety Program to give parents the tools, information and power to support the growth of their children. With partners in City Hall and our neighborhoods working together, we can create a safer, stronger environment for our children to learn and succeed.


I believe that we can work together in City Hall to make our communities in the Sixth District better. After seeing increased blight and numerous cars parked, a local Neighborhood Watch in Arleta met with me to develop a motion that prohibits cars parked with "For Sale" signs on certain city streets. I'm happy to report that we succeeded and I hope that this motion helps with issues surrounding these neighborhoods and car sales.

North Hills East

Thriving Neighborhood Watches are integral to the culture of the Sixth District. That's why I was eager to visit the Familias Unidas Neighborhood Watch and bring resources and information to assist in their work. It is so wonderful to see local residents organizing and giving all families the sense of safety they deserve.

Do you want to start a Neighborhood Watch? Or do you have a Neighborhood Watch that I can attend to bring resources that help improve our neighborhoods? Please call my office in Van Nuys or Sun Valley and we can work to create safer neighborhoods in the Sixth District!

Staying Busy in City Hall

Tree Trimming

Sixth District residents want our City to invest in them as they have invested in Los Angeles. Now our City is increasing tree trimming in our neighborhoods and throughout the City. If you have a concern with a tree in your neighborhood, please reach out to 311 to file your concern.

Foreclosure Registry Audit

As the San Fernando Valley recovers from the recession, communities want to  understand where foreclosed homes are in their neighborhoods and what they can do to resolve issues stemming from foreclosures such as blight. Working with the Controller, we are developing a Foreclosure Registry database that helps identify foreclosed homes locally.

Throughout the Valley

State of the Valley

This year, the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted the State of the Valley Luncheon and what a wonderful event. This was a great opportunity for all of the Valley councilmembers to discuss our work prioritizing the City's resources to improve the Valley. We had a great conversation between business leaders and local leaders to discuss our work and collaboration. I look forward to continuing our work with our friends to bring more jobs to the Sixth!