Public Safety Town Hall

This month I wrapped up my Public Safety Town Hall, where I hosted new leadership from the LAPD Operations-Valley Bureau and our new LAPD Chief of Police, Michel Moore. I wanted to show Chief Moore all the amazing work happening here in our communities, especially the work that community members like yourselves are undertaking. Things like forming neighborhood watches. Once upon a time, I myself was the neighborhood watch captain for my block. So I’ve seen first-hand just how much change can occur when communities come together to discuss issues and find solutions. This is why one of my biggest priorities during my time as Councilwoman, has been combating human trafficking through the Task Force I created three years ago. Public safety has always been, and will always be, my number one concern for the Sixth District. Continue reading

Valley Issues Matter

In early October, I joined my fellow Valley Councilmembers and the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce for a panel discussion on all things SFV. In the annual State of the Valley luncheon, we discussed cannabis, scooters, and everything in between. As we focus on solutions to the most pressing issue of the day, we must make sure those solutions are carried out equitably throughout our City. Continue reading

Sun Valley Film Academy Brings Local Talent to Time Square

In show business news, the Sun Valley Film Academy from Sun Valley High School competed in the All-American High School Film Festival this fall, where over 8,000 film kids from all over the world premiered a short film they produced to be screened at the AMC Times Square Theater in New York City. Continue reading

A New Destination for Solar Power

More than 10,000 jobs in the San Fernando Valley are connected directly and indirectly to the Van Nuys Airport. This airport is the biggest job generator in the San Fernando Valley, and it helps grow the economic reach of the businesses and people who use this facility. One of my priorities as your representative is to ensure that our community receives our fair share. With the Aerolease solar project, we are installing solar panels that will produce 1.5 megawatts of clean power.  Continue reading

Let’s #KeepCD6Clean!

Throughout October and November, we hosted community cleanups in Panorama City, North Hills East, and Sun Valley. Besides those afternoons, our Clean Sweep Team (formerly known as the Strike Team) crisscrossed our District and removed bulky items. After a great community clean-up like the many we have been hosting, it is saddening to see the same kinds of bulky items and trash return to the very locations we had just cleaned.  Continue reading

Common Sense Solutions to an Old Problem

In October as we recognized Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I stood with Mayor Garcetti, my fellow Councilmembers Monica Rodriguez and Councilmember David Ryu, Elizabeth Eastlund of Rainbow Services, and LAPD Assistant Chief Beatrice Girmala to speak on the importance of providing training to our first responders and LAFD personnel so that they are able to spot signs of domestic violence. Continue reading

Kids in City Hall

In mid-October, I was visited in Council by some of my favorite constituents. The 25 youngsters from The Valley School in Van Nuys visited a Council Meeting, and then took a tour of our historic City Hall. Although these kids are not yet old enough to vote, it is never too early to start teaching them about our local government.  Continue reading

Three Years of Cracking Down on Human Trafficking

We gathered at the intersection of Sepulveda and Valerio in Van Nuys to announce the statistics gathered from the first three years of the LAPD Operations-Valley Bureau Human Trafficking Task Force. I chose this intersection on purpose. Since I was a little girl, I have known that the intersection of Sepulveda and Valerio was where some men went to buy women and girls for sex. I knew then that it was wrong, and have spent much of my time on the Council working to rid our district of this troubling enterprise. Continue reading

Protecting LA’s Water

Before Election Day, I was joined by the Mayor, Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo, LACCD Board President Mike Fong, David McNeill of the Baldwin Hills Conservancy, Ron Miller from the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council, and Rusty Hicks of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, to speak about Measure W that passed thanks to voters like you! Continue reading

Empowering Women in the Valley

In early October, I visited Studio City as part of La Femme Club’s EMPOWER Conference. Founded and organized by students from Harvard Westlake, the EMPOWER Conference brings together women from a diverse field of careers to discuss their experiences navigating industries usually dominated by men. I was proud to share stories from my career in politics and the challenges I have faced along the way. Continue reading