Art in our Communities

Over the weekend, my staff honored West Valley station cadets and students from Daniel Pearl High School that spent two days painting a mural recognizing Daniel Pearl, the journalist killed while reporting overseas in Pakistan. Continue reading

Movie nights in Arleta

Improving our community starts starts by engaging our residents but it doesn't always have to be hard work. On Friday, The Arleta Neighborhood Council and the Looky Loos Neighborhood Watch brought Arleta together to enjoy the first summer movie night of 2015 Continue reading

High Speed Rail Meetings Near Sixth District

Over the next few weeks, the High Speed Rail Authority will be conducting public hearings in and around the Sixth District regarding their proposed route for High Speed Rail (HSR).  In November 2008, voters approved funding to build the first high speed rail system in the nation that would connect Northern and Southern California. For months, communities across the State such as Shadow Hills and Acton have used these forums to raise their concerns about the route and their involvement has shifted it. Continue reading

A townhall for our public safety

Van Nuys is more than a neighborhood. Growing up in the Valley, I remember what the Boulevard looked like before and how proud local residents were to have been raised in Van Nuys and raise their own children here.  Today, while some things have changed, the dedication of our residents to their community has not wavered. We are home to some of the most active Neighborhood Watches and community groups in the City. Unfortunately, crime numbers have increased across Los Angeles and Van Nuys is no exception. While our crime statistics remain lower than the average Citywide, here in Van Nuys, residents are waking up to see more headlines about crime locally. But public safety is about more than statistics and headlines; it is about feeling safe and secure in your home and neighborhood.  Continue reading

Lake Balboa Making a Difference for Our Nation with Operation Gratitude

The Sixth District is home to many companies that are investing in our community and in our nation. This week, I joined Comcast at Operation Gratitude in Lake Balboa for Comcast Cares Day. This day-long event is an opportunity for Comcast NBCUniversal employees, their friends and family to celebrate the company’s year-round commitment to service with a day of service and has grown into the nation’s largest single-day corporate volunteer event. Continue reading

Bringing Earth Day Home to the Sixth District

I’ve always known that it can be hard to make environmental issues feel local, especially when families are trying to put food on the table and still save a little money on the side. But while it can be overwhelming for our residents to worry about global warming, issues like air quality, pollution and open space can make a big difference in our daily lives. Continue reading

Start your own Neighborhood Watch

Growing up in the Valley, I remember the sense of community that existed. From neighborhoods where the kids could play in the streets to workers organizing together for their futures, a strong sense of community can make a great difference and help neighbors avoid problems that plague our City.  Continue reading

Studying Gender Equality in Los Angeles

Today I joined Mayor Garcetti and researchers at Mount Saint Mary’s University’s campus in downtown Los Angeles as they unveiled the first two parts of the five part study into gender in Los Angeles. This research focused on women as a demographic and women in leadership roles in our City.  Continue reading

Honoring Pioneer Women in our City

For the past 25 years, the City Council, along with the Commission on Status of Women, has recognized women that are changing our City. Today, I was proud to welcome the Commission on Status of Women back to Council Chambers as we recognized Los Angeles’ Pioneer Women who are pioneers in their fields and are impacting their communities. Continue reading

Developing a Responsible Minimum Wage

This week, I was part of the first in a series of Economic Development hearings regarding the minimum wage increase proposal. Three studies from economic groups chosen by business and labor as well as the City Council reviewed our motion to increase minimum wage from $9 an hour to $13.25 by 2017, and to $15.25 by 2019.  When my colleagues and I first introduced this motion, my goal was to create policy that ensured that everyone in our City was able to earn a living and still give their children a chance for a better future. And one of the ways to do that is to increase the minimum wage but in a way that is responsible and supports job creators throughout the City. Continue reading