New street signal installed ahead of schedule in Van Nuys!

While improving our community can take time, I’m proud to work with community members to make our neighborhoods better and a wonderful example is the new traffic signal at the corner of Vanowen and Columbus. 

Last Spring as we were developing the budget for this year, community members in Van Nuys began meeting with my team and I about the dangerous intersection near Columbus Elementary School and Valley Presbyterian Hospital. While children, patients and visitors walked near this intersection, cars sped along the road and would run the risk of an accident as drivers attempted to turn left on the busy street.

As my colleagues and I discussed and debated priorities for Los Angeles over the next year, I was able to advocate for Van Nuys and the need for this street improvement. From the budget to working with the Bureau of Street Lighting, the light was scheduled to be installed in April 2015. However, my office and I continued to push for an improved timeline.

So I was pleased to see the light already changed and ready to be unveiled! While we are still awaiting the date when they will be fully functional, this installation is a full two months in advance of their optimistic predictions. I’ll keep you in the loop on all updates. Step by step, we are seeing advances in our communities.