Neighborhood Improvements at Wingo Street


In mid-2015, residents on Wingo Street in Arleta contacted my office to let us know that there were massive encampments building up and causing a serious health and safety issue in the alley immediately abutting some residential properties.  This walkway was completely blocked by garbage and debris.  Neighbors were particularly concerned with the illegal activity happening at in this alley at night, as well as the serious fire hazard.  In addition, the accumulation of trash and waste had created an awful smell for the neighborhood, and potential bio-hazard concerns.  These conditions were right outside the windows of the people’s home, and put kids in danger as well.

We got outreach workers out to work with the people camped here, and commenced a clean-up.   We cleared the area, and picked up many dumpsters of trash.  Subsequently, we’ve conducted, along with neighborhood groups, multiple clean-ups at the alley to make sure it remains clear. However, to make sure the neighborhood remained safe going forward, I identified some funding to have a gate installed at the entrance to this walkway.  It was recently installed, and has made an incredible impact on keeping the neighborhood clean.  We’ll continue to monitor the situation, but I’m glad to help make sure neighborhoods aren’t overwhelmed by conditions that put the health and safety of residents at risk.