Neighborhood Council Presidents Meeting

Neighborhood Councils are an important way for the community to engage with City government and make positive changes.  As the Councilwoman for District Six, I know that every neighborhood has unique needs, but that there are common issues throughout our district that we can work together to improve.  That’s why I called a meeting of the leaders of the all the neighborhood councils in our district in early June – to identify big issues we could all work on together.  We talked about homelessness, and we recognize that we must work together so that the problem doesn’t just get pushed from one neighborhood council to another.  We also talked about the recently approved City budget, which will help us address common issues throughout the district and neighborhood councils:  from increasing street lighting and repairing sidewalks, to fighting homelessness in a comprehensive way, while continuing the great work of the Valley Human Trafficking Taskforce.  As we work together, as various neighborhood councils and as a district, we’ll be much more successful at improving the community for everyone.

Thank you to all of these community leaders for volunteering their time to help improve the Sixth District!