Making Our Streets Safer

On Thursday, September 20, I was joined by Councilmember David Ryu and officials from the Department of Transportation as we unveiled a traffic sign in memory of Traffic Enforcement Officer Gregory Park. Officer Park was killed this past July when he was struck by a vehicle in the line of duty. Until that day, only one other Traffic Enforcement Officer had been killed on the job in our City's history. But this is not a number to be celebrated.

In fact, it should trouble all of us. Officer Park wore the uniform to carry out the duties of a Traffic Enforcement Officer. That he was in a position to die is an indictment of the unsafe conditions for pedestrians on our streets.

That is why I joined LAPD Captain Natalie Cortez, Mission Area Commanding Officer, as well as Captains Peter Casey, Billy Brockway, Donald Graham, and others as we highlighted the importance of LA's Vision Zero initiative. I am committed to improving the safety and accessibility of our streets and sidewalks. Thanks to the help and support from VisionZeroLA, my team has installed improvements on some of the more dangerous streets and intersections in my District. Traffic Safety is not about slowing you down. It is about saving your life, and the lives of our fellow Angelenos. Learn more at