Lighting our District

Building our community for the future means investing in local infrastructure that drives businesses and pedestrians. As our City and our residents become more focused on local business and walking to nearby attractions, we must continue to make everyone feel comfortable walking in our District.

I'm proud of our work bringing light to the entire District. To begin the process, we’ve had over 2,000 lights converted from traditional lights to LEDs. Not only will this change save Sixth District residents money but it will also provide brighter lights for walking in our local neighborhoods.

Additionally, I worked to ensure that the City spend $1.5 million on new lighting in the Sherman Way Tunnel in Lake Balboa. To the community, the Sherman Tunnel is more than a tunnel - it is a gateway and a visitor's welcome to the community of Lake Balboa. Yet we’ve had significant issues with security, graffti and general deterioration. Now this new lighting will help combat these issues and help police identify individuals that are damaging this landmark. In collaboration with the Los Angeles World Airport, LAPD, and the Van Nuys Airport Association, we are currently improving the security measures in the tunnel to better protect this asset.

But most recently, I am pleased to announce that over 18 lights have been installed
around the Sun Valley area alone with even more throughout the Sixth District. With the support of our most active neighbors, we were able to identify where more lighting is needed. Together we can make sure our streets are illuminated.

 *Correction to the April 2015 newsletter: The Sun Valley Lighting Districts included a total of eight blocks where residents voted to a small increase to their property tax and not to their monthly bill. This investment pays for the additional electricity need to light the community.  The streets impacted were:

  • Neenach St. 
  • Redbank St.
  • Bakman Ave. 
  • Klump Ave.
  • Fair Ave. 
  • Bonner Ave.
  • Case Ave.
  • Ensign Ave.