LAFD Girls Camp


A fire department that reflects the communities it serves is something Los Angeles must achieve, and one area where we fall short is in female firefighters.  The LAFD is taking aggressive steps to recruit more women and minorities to the force, and I am thrilled to partner with the fire department with the 2nd annual LAFD Girls Camp.  This was our second camp for girls from throughout the City, and this year we brought the camp to the 6th District at Drill Tower 81 in Panorama City.



About 70 girls came to the Girls Camp.  Last weekend, they learned the basics of being a firefighter.  They learned to extinguish fires, the physical intensity of being a firefighter, and how to operate many of the tools that firefighters use in their daily jobs.  They got to try on equipment, explore and investigate the machinery, and have a real hands-on introduction to firefighting.

What’s even more exciting, is that the girls were taught almost entirely by female firefighters and cadets.  I often say, “You can’t be what you can’t see.”  This last weekend, girls saw strong and dedicated female firefighters, and then they got to try their hand at doing some of those same tasks.

The goal is to encourage girls who dream of being firefighters.  This opportunity will open doors for them to join the cade fire academy or a magnet program.  This will build a pipeline of future firefighters for Los Angeles.

Thank you to all of our Girls Camp:  Council President Wesson, Councilmembers Blumenfield, Ryu, Harris-Dawson, Price, Englander, O’Farrell, and Buscaino; along with McDonalds, Food 4 Less, Keyes Automotive, Walmart, Costco, Darlene Kuba and Samantha Martinez.

This is one my favorite activities of the year, and I can’t wait to see the incredible public servants these future fighters will make when they pursue their dreams and join the ranks of the greatest firefighting agency in the country!

You can see all the photos from this event here:

Thanks to all who participated, and please visit for opportunities to attend our next Girls Camp later this year!