Keeping Beautiful Lake Balboa Beautiful

This week I was proud to lead the Council in a unanimous vote in support of reducing and covering the large mound of citywide reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) that has created environmental concerns in Lake Balboa. Because of this vote, the Bureau of Street Services (BSS) will cover the existing mound by December 12, 2014, continue to reduce the size of the mound and report back on a long term environmentally-sustainable solution.

After seeing the 30-foot mound of asphalt abutting neighborhoods, local businesses and the Van Nuys Airport in the Sixth District, I demanded this motion move quickly through City Hall by waiving it out of Committee and requesting it be heard only two Council meetings after it was introduced.

I am also happy to report that the Bureau of Street Services is already hard at work eliminating this eyesore that is creating air quality and other environmental concerns in the community. Already, there are ongoing efforts to reduce the pile and improve local air quality concerns such as ceasing delivery of additional RAP, delivering existing RAP to alternative sites and watering the mound to harden it. Their work has already reduced the height of the asphalt mound from 30 feet to 17 feet.

Already our District is the home of waste dumping sites and other environmental concerns are primarily located in the eastern part of our District. However this abundance of reclaimed asphalt is impacting the wellbeing of the local community. I will continue to work with residents to ensure that this problem and all environmental issues locally don’t spread.