Human Trafficking Task Force: Taking on the "Johns" and Pimps

IMG_0003_(800x400).jpgI’m working to clean up our neighborhoods from a decades-old problem with prostitution.  Young girls are being victimized and forced to sell their bodies on our neighborhood streets by criminal enterprises acting as their pimps.  We shouldn’t have to worry about this type of activity in our neighborhoods – wondering what sort of things they’re going to leave behind, or activities our children might have to see.  There’s no place for this in our neighborhoods and I’ve worked with LAPD to create a Valley-Bureau Human Trafficking Task Force to take down the criminal enterprise behind this prostitution problem and target the “Johns” that solicit these girls.

LAPD is exploring many tools to crack down on this problem, including a dedicated email address where residents can send their tips about prostitution related activities in their neighborhoods.  Please send your tips to

Another tool will be “John” letters.  These letters will be sent to vehicles identified by LAPD to be engaged in soliciting activities.  They will encourage potential “Johns” to stay away from these areas and cease that activity. LAPD is implementing safeguards to target these letters to just those that warrant a reminder that prostitution is illegal.  While we can’t discuss the specifics of LAPD’s implementation of this tool, there will need to be probable cause to generate a letter – you won’t simply get a letter because you’re in the area.  In short, if you aren’t soliciting, you won’t have to worry about one of these letters ending up in your mailbox. 

Ultimately, my goal is to make sure our neighborhoods are safe for the people who live there.  I want to protect the young people who are being victimized through human trafficking, and I want to stop the gangs and other criminal elements from doing business in our communities.

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