Human Trafficking Awareness Month

sting_1.jpgI'm committed to shining a light on human trafficking in the San Fernando Valley.  Pimps who sell our girls and women should be on notice that the LAPD Operations-Valley Bureau Human Trafficking Task Force, I helped create, is cracking down on all human trafficking.  They're going to target "Johns" that support this criminal enterprise, and the pimps who profit from it.  On January 21st I joined the Task Force on a sting that resulted in the arrest of at least three dangerous pimps who were operating multiple brothels in CD6.  We will continue to take these criminals off of our streets.

In fact, since the task force was first implemented, it has been incredibly successful.  They have issued 552 traffic citations (with an 

emphasis on "Johns"), arrested 12 pimps,arrested 90 "johns," impounded 26 "john" vehicles, and held over 75 community meetings. More importantly, in that time we've seen a 60% reduction in violent crime,15.4% reduction in property crime, and 34.8% reduction in total Part 1 crimes -- all at a time when crime is generally rising throughout the City!

pimps arrested