Honoring Our Valley Bureau LAPD Human Trafficking Taskforce

The men and women of the LAPD Operations Valley Bureau Human Trafficking Task Force put their life on the line every night when they're on the streets taking on the pimps and gang members who are selling our women and girls. It was honor to recognize them and their hard work today at a recent City Council meeting. I'm grateful for their dedication and hard work to make our streets and neighborhoods safer for all of us, but particularly the victims of sex trafficking.


More than the City Council recognition, these men and women were also honored at the 37th Annual San Fernando Valley E Awards for excellence in public safety. I couldn’t be more proud of this team!

Also honored at the E Awards was another Valley police officer from the Foothill Area, Officer Tamara Myers.  She was honored for her outstanding commitment and dedication to public service and safety throughout the City of Los Angeles.  In 2001 she was awarded the Police Star for bravery for saving her training officer from being struck by a Metrolink train in the tunnel in Chatsworth.  Congrats Officer Myers.