Homeless Encampment Clean Up on Bessemer Street

Residents near Bessemer Street have been voicing concerns to my office over a homeless encampment on that street for about six months. It was very problematic. The folks living in this encampment recently started a fire, which ended up burning two cars nearby. Customers at local small businesses were complaining about being harassed by some folks living here, including having their cars scratched and keyed while they were in the local businesses. My office worked closely with homeless advocates, like Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) to visit the site, which they did many times over the course of weeks, offering services and opportunities to the people who lived at this encampment.


We also worked with the City's HOPE team to begin coordinating a clean-up, once we made sure that all the folks in this encampment had received thorough outreach and opportunities for assistance. My team then coordinated a clean-up of the huge encampment just this week.

Homelessness continues to be a complex and difficult problem, but I'm committed to making sure that our neighborhoods are safe and healthy for everyone living and working there. We will clean up problematic encampments like this in my district, and work to help the people who live there the opportunities for services that they need. If you have a concern or problem in your neighborhood, please don't hesitate to contact us.