HIV/AIDS Testing in the Valley


My first job, when I was in high school, was educating my peers about HIV/AIDS and safe sex.  I worked for the Northeast Valley Health Corporation, and it was during a time when HIV/AIDS was killing many people in our community.  Times have changed, but I continue to be alarmed at how the AIDS crisis has not ended in the Black and Latino communities.  You can read more about it on NPR.

Because too many people are still unsure of their HIV/AIDS status, and because it continues to be an issue for many people in our community, I partnered with my old employer, the Northeast Valley Health Corporation, to bring free HIV/AIDS testing to the Panorama Mall on June 27th.  Over 20 people were tested, and information was distributed to many, many more.  Check out the Northeast Valley Health Corporation website to find out more opportunities to get testing, and how to protect yourself.