High Speed Rail Meetings Near Sixth District

Over the next few weeks, the High Speed Rail Authority will be conducting public hearings in and around the Sixth District regarding their proposed route for High Speed Rail (HSR).  In November 2008, voters approved funding to build the first high speed rail system in the nation that would connect Northern and Southern California. For months, communities across the State such as Shadow Hills and Acton have used these forums to raise their concerns about the route and their involvement has shifted it.

Now it’s our turn. Soon residents of the Sixth District and our neighbors will be able to meet with the Authority in person and ensure that our voices are heard. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, I have seen how poor land use decisions have impacted our families. Children are often forced to ride their bikes in neighborhoods that border large waste facilities and are polluted by the large trucks that use them. Instead of green grass and fresh air, our families deal with obstacles created by years of land use decisions that did not take the community’s input into consideration.

That’s why it is so important for all of us to join one of the nine meetings that are approaching. As you can see in the image below, the first meeting will be held in Pacoima later today with an additional meeting in Sun Valley on Tuesday, May 19 and another in Spanish in San Fernando on Thursday, May 28. This is the time to learn about the potential routes and to get a better understanding of how High Speed Rail will impact your daily life in the near and far future.

As you can see here, the proposed routes are all underground within the borders of the Sixth District. However, these maps are always changing and by joining these meetings, you will be aware of these changes and ensure that any changes to our area will consider your thoughts.

I’m committed to standing with my neighbors and the resident I represent in the Sixth District. This is our home and I expect the state to work with us as they shape our future. Please click on the image above to see all of the times and dates of the meeting and do not hesitate to email me or contact my office. For more information, please also visit http://www.hsr.ca.gov/ to learn more.


Open House Meetings Flyer EnglishOpen House Meetings Flyer  Spanish