Partnering with St. Genevieve's to Clean Panorama City

This week, we partnered with the Valiants to clean up Panorama City. Continue reading

Honoring an Icon and Cleaning Lake Balboa

This weekend our cadets finished a project started  two weeks ago. Many residents are familiar with the murals that grace the fences on Haskell Ave. between Victory and Haynes St.  And when the Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council wanted to add a new piece honoring Daniel Pearl, I was eager to help their work. Continue reading

Cleaning the Alley behind Matilija Ave

The Clean Street Program began last year in which LA Sanitation promised to dedicate one day a month to cleaning up alleys, sidewalks and other public areas in the Sixth District. This month, we brought LA Sanitation to an alleyway behind Matilija Ave in Panorama City. Continue reading

Deweeding our streets

When I came to office, I invested my office funds to pay for additional street cleaning for the Sixth District to make our sidewalks better for our pedestrians and bicyclists. Below are some of the results from their work.  Continue reading

Cleaning Lake Balboa Medians

Clean ups don’t always have to be large or require many people. Sometimes you just need a clean up to improve a small part of the community that makes a big difference. In Lake Balboa, we have many medians that have become overwhelmed by trash and overgrown weeds.  Continue reading

Alley Cleanup

I love visiting Lake Balboa because it reminds me of what many of our communities once looked like. Continue reading

New traffic signal at Woodman Avenue and Montague Street

As our City grows, traffic has increased and the Sixth District has seen our share of this change. I've spoken with many residents that have a growing concern with the safety of our streets as cars zoom through our communities. So together we are working to make our streets safer especially near our schools. Continue reading

Van Nuys & Vanowen Get A Makeover!

Part of representing the Sixth District is ensuring that we have a say in what happens in our District. From passing motions that assist our residents plagued by illegal car sales to collaborating with City Departments to prioritize our District, I’m working to make sure our District gets what’s need accomplished. Continue reading

New street signal installed ahead of schedule in Van Nuys!

While improving our community can take time, I’m proud to work with community members to make our neighborhoods better and a wonderful example is the new traffic signal at the corner of Vanowen and Columbus.  Continue reading

New Trees to Bloom in Arleta and Panorama City Soon!

Beautiful new trees are gracing the medians along Woodman Ave. and Chase St. this week as the Bureau of Sanitation's Tree Planting Environmental Services Group and the Los Angeles Conservation Corps (LACC) began this effort to improve the quality of life in these communities. Continue reading