Cleaning Up District Six

Keeping our communities clean is a priority for me and we are constantly out working with community organizations to clean up encampments, dumping locations, and other trash heaps!  In the last month, my team has targeted a few problem areas in the district, including: Gathering over 60 tons of trash from along Peoria Street on March 12th. Disposed of over 20 large bags of trash and green waste from Saticoy Street and the 405 on February 3rd. Had over 150 volunteers join us for a President’s Day clean-up throughout the Sun Valley community! We could not have accomplished these incredible community clean-ups without the assistance of many volunteers and organizations, including LA Sanitation, LAPD, Sunburst Academy, Sun Valley Neighborhood Council, Recology LA, Sun Valley Paper Stock, Pick Your Part, Sun Valley Graffiti Busters, neighborhood watch groups, and numerous other volunteers!

Valley Bureau Human Trafficking Task Force Update

Last year I helped launch the Valley Bureau Operations Human Trafficking Task Force to target the sex trade that happens in some of our neighborhoods and business areas.  I’m very excited to announce that the LAPD and our partners in this task force have been incredibly successful since they started last October.  Some of their accomplishments by the numbers: 817 citations issued 83 “Johns” arrested 27 impounds of “John’s” vehicles 119 total arrests (12 were pimps) 90 community meetings (in person, telephone and email) We’ve had a 91% filing rate on the pimps with multiple convictions so far.  We will continue this aggressive fight against the criminal enterprise that buys and sells women and children. Please contact 647TIPS@LAPD.LACITY.ORG with any human trafficking concerns.

Human Trafficking Task Force: Taking on the "Johns" and Pimps

I’m working to clean up our neighborhoods from a decades-old problem with prostitution.  Young girls are being victimized and forced to sell their bodies on our neighborhood streets by criminal enterprises acting as their pimps.  We shouldn’t have to worry about this type of activity in our neighborhoods – wondering what sort of things they’re going to leave behind, or activities our children might have to see.  There’s no place for this in our neighborhoods and I’ve worked with LAPD to create a Valley-Bureau Human Trafficking Task Force to take down the criminal enterprise behind this prostitution problem and target the “Johns” that solicit these girls. Continue reading

Making North Hollywood Streets Safer with Clear and Bright Lines

Driving in Los Angeles has a bad reputation but there are many things that we can do to make it better and safer for everyone. North Hollywood drivers face a difficult intersection where Webb Ave., Lankershim Blvd. and Strathern St. meet. With three streets intersecting often times the lines and street lights can be confusing.  Continue reading

New Turn Lanes on Burbank Blvd in Lake Balboa

You may have noticed the additional traffic on Burbank Blvd. in Lake Balboa recently but, once it is completed, our families and residents will enjoy a smoother commute.  Continue reading

The Woodman Avenue Multi-Beneficial Stormwater Capture Project

Last year we broke ground on an innovative project that combined public, private, non profit and residential commitments to create the Woodman Avenue Multi-Beneficial Stormwater Capture Project. This effort not only beautifies the median regularly used by my residents but also collects rain water to recharge the groundwater basin, alleviates local flooding when the rainy seasons return and provides educational placards to help inform the community of the benefits of this project.  Continue reading

Resurfacing Lake Balboa Streets

Lake Balboa residents on Whitaker and Bassett were pleased to see the great job accomplished by the Bureau of Street Services. Continue reading

Cleaning a Chronic Dumping site in Arleta

Unfortunately, people that live outside of the Sixth District will use our community to dump their trash and bulky items. After awhile my Strike Team and the Sanitation Department begin to notice trends and chronic dumping sites. Continue reading

Bringing North Hills Together to Clean our Streets

This week, 30 North Hills residents joined Assemblymember Nazarian's and my offices to rake, sweep, and improve the North Hills community. Continue reading

Partnering with St. Genevieve's to Clean Panorama City

This week, we partnered with the Valiants to clean up Panorama City. Continue reading