Arleta Clean-Up

In mid-October we cleaned Arleta Avenue near Sheldon Street. We collaborated with Arleta Slugz Run Club, a new group that wanted to clean the streets where they run every Thursday evening. We were also joined by Arleta Neighborhood Council, Walgreens, and Pacoima Beautiful who brought high school volunteers. Thanks to all everyone who showed up to help clean-up the neighborhood!

Homeless Encampment Clean Up on Bessemer Street

Residents near Bessemer Street have been voicing concerns to my office over a homeless encampment on that street for about six months. It was very problematic. The folks living in this encampment recently started a fire, which ended up burning two cars nearby. Customers at local small businesses were complaining about being harassed by some folks living here, including having their cars scratched and keyed while they were in the local businesses. My office worked closely with homeless advocates, like Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) to visit the site, which they did many times over the course of weeks, offering services and opportunities to the people who lived at this encampment. Continue reading

Protecting CD6 From Being Over Saturated with People Living in Cars

Recently the City Council advanced an effort to allow some people to legally live out of their cars on our City streets. I have many problems with this approach, including the idea that as a City we must do better by our residents.  We shouldn’t be ok with people living in their cars.  We must find a better solution.  We also have to make sure that families don’t have to worry about strangers setting up camp on the street right outside a school, park or their homes. Continue reading

Van Nuys Blvd. Sidewalk Repairs

Van Nuys Blvd is a “Great Street” and through that effort, we’re working to activate the public space, provide economic revitalization, increase public safety, enhance local culture, and support great neighborhoods.  By reimagining our streets, we can create places for Angelenos to come together.  Last week we saw some of this activity take place on Van Nuys Blvd in Council District 6.

Tujunga Spreading Grounds

We broke ground on the Tujunga Spreading Grounds Stormwater Capture Project in August. This project will increase groundwater recharge of the San Fernando Groundwater Basin and will provide the city with an additional 5 billion gallons of water annually! What's more it'll really be an improvement for our community. We'll see opportunities for additional open green space. This is an opportunity for the Sixth District to contribute to the city in a way that also makes our community more beautiful. Thanks to the leadership of many folks, we were also able to keep many trucks off the road during this project, by using an innovative conveyor belt to ship off the excess dirt to a recycling facility. Continue reading

Fighting Against Human Trafficking

Ten months ago, along with LAPD Operations-Valley Bureau Deputy Chief Bob Green, I established that bureau’s Human Trafficking Task Force.  In June, I was able to secure $1million to keep this task force operating through the next year. Continue reading

Pride Clean Up in the District

On July 16th my team partnered with the San Fernando Valley LGBT Community Center on their 4th annual PRIDE Clean-up.  We worked on cleaning Sun Valley High School and the areas around it to keep it clean from litter, debris and graffiti in preparation for the new school year.  We know that a clean school leads to a healthier learning environment!  The Sun Valley Neighborhood Council, CSUN School of Social Work, the Mayor’s team and many others joined us in the clean up.  Together, we are all able to make our communities safer and healthier places for our children to live, play and learn! 

North Hills Community Park

We’ve recently led the effort to revitalize our North Hills Community Park. My team has worked diligently to revitalize this park and increase the attendance of park patrons as opposed to gang members.  Continue reading

LA Family Housing Breaks Ground on New Homeless Services Center

I was really excited to join LA Family Housing, as they broke ground on an exciting new project called, “The Campus,” in North Hollywood!  LA Family Housing is one of the most effective organizations in helping our City's homeless community. They use well thought out, long-term, strategic and compassionate approaches that respect the individuals they serve. 30 years ago, LA Family Housing came to the San Fernando Valley to operate the Valley Shelter. They made a commitment to help those in need, and the new facility in North Hollywood will continue that tradition. The communities of the East San Fernando Valley support LA Family Housing because they "walk the walk" when it comes to serving our communities.  I support their work because they are committed to helping individuals turn their life around, and provide pathways out of homelessness as opposed to a quick-fix approach.  To help advance “The Campus,” I secured $500k in grant money to help it move forward. You can read more about their project, and the incredible services it will provide for those seeking a path out of homelessness on their website.  Or you can read more about the project and their history serving the San Fernando Valley in the LA Times.

Continuing Our Fight Against Human Trafficking

Our fight against human trafficking continues in earnest.  We won’t back down – we’ll continue to investigate and arrest the pimps and gang members who are selling our women and girls.  To advance this work, I’ve been very busy over the last month. Continue reading