Sixth District "Strike Team" Cleans Up Illegal Dumping Pile in Arleta

Today, my Sixth District “Strike Team” cleaned up this illegal dumping site in Arleta, in an alleyway behind Branford Street.  Continue reading

Sixth District staff, community volunteers plant trees in Sun Valley

On Saturday, the Sixth District team, in partnership with the L.A. Beautification Team and the Sun Valley Neighborhood Council, gathered dozens of community volunteers to plant trees along San Fernando Road in Sun Valley.     Continue reading

Sixth District "Strike Team" tackles illegal dumping in Arleta

Today, the Sixth District "Strike Team" tackled this illegal dumping pile in Arleta, along Sharp Avenue. It's part of my continued effort to keep the Sixth District clean. Continue reading

Electrical Vehicle Chargers at Lake Balboa Golfcourse

Recently a stakeholder reached out to my office concerned that one of the two electoral vehicle chargers located at the Lake Balboa Golf Course had stopped working.  This presented issues when more than one vehicle showed up to charge at the same time.  I directed my staff to work through the red-tape and identify funding and resources to get the location fixed.  I’m pleased to report that we were able to identify the funding, and work with the folks at LADWP in getting the station repaired in just a few weeks.  This will greatly improve accessibility for electrical vehicle use in our district.  I would encourage anyone who has an issue that needs City assistance to contact my office and we’ll do whatever we can to help.

Grand Re-Opening of Sheldon Skate Park

The Sheldon Skate Park in Sun Valley is well loved by many skaters from throughout the region.  It is a great place for kids to get together and enjoy the outdoors and participate in their favorite sport.  However, late last year, residents nearby, many park users, and others had grown weary with how the park was being treated by some users.  Many complained about graffiti, vandalism, and blatant disregard for the park facilities.  There were thousands of dollars of damage that were being reported almost daily. Continue reading

Operation Firefly

Riding your bike in the dark can be very dangerous – that’s why everyone should have lights on the front and back of their bike if they’re riding at dusk or after dark.  The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and I partnered to host one of their “Operation Firefly” events in Van Nuys this month.  We set up our event along Van Nuys Blvd., and we distributed free bicycle lights to kids and adults who passed by on bikes without them.  It is important that kids enjoying our community on their bike are able to do so safely.  Hopefully, these bicycle lights will help keep a few more residents safe as they bike our neighborhood streets.

Street Lights in Sun Valley and North Hollywood

Sun Valley and North Hollywood Lighting Districts Phase II and Phase III were recently completed with the installation and construction of 42 permanent lights on 8 residential streets serving 140+ households! I am proud to continue being committed to bringing much needed lighting projects to Council District 6 through competitive Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). Continue reading

Putting Dangerous Pimps Behind Bars

I will never get tired of fighting human trafficking.  As long as our girls are bought and sold on the streets, I’ll keep fighting to rescue them and arrest the men who buy and sell them. Usually, the men who are behind selling these girls are gang members who have discovered that selling a girl over and over again can be much more profitable than selling drugs. Continue reading

Human Trafficking Task Force Saving Young Girls and Taking Dangerous Pimps Off Our Streets

Early in the morning on January 20th, our Operations-Valley Bureau Human Trafficking Task Force had an incredible success. Early that morning, the officers were successful in arresting a dangerous pimp off of Sepulveda Blvd. More importantly, however, is during the arrest the LAPD was able to rescue a 15 year old girl.  My passion about human trafficking comes from seeing these young girls – teenagers – bought and sold on our streets by dangerous men.  Many of these pimps are gang members, and by taking them off the streets for pimping helps reduce other crime in our neighborhoods as well.  These are really sick people. Between my toiletry drive to help victims, and funding the LAPD to rescue the girls and arrest the men who would rape and hurt them, I will be unwavering in my efforts to combat this problem in our neighborhoods.

CD6 Strike Team Hard at Work

Every day I have a “Strike Team” out in the district addressing some of the most pressing needs of clean-up, bulky-item pick-up, and other nuisances.  The City’s 3-1-1 system is helpful, most of the time.  But occasionally, there’s a need for a more urgent response, and my team can help with that.  If you have a pressing issue, please call my office, and we’ll send the Strike Team out to help if possible.