Getting the Job Done

Human Trafficking Task Force Saving Young Girls and Taking Dangerous Pimps Off Our Streets

Early in the morning on January 20th, our Operations-Valley Bureau Human Trafficking Task Force had an incredible success. Early that morning, the officers were successful in arresting a dangerous pimp off of Sepulveda Blvd. More importantly, however, is during the arrest the LAPD was able to rescue a 15 year old girl.  My passion about human trafficking comes from seeing these young girls – teenagers – bought and sold on our streets by dangerous men.  Many of these pimps are gang members, and by taking them off the streets for pimping helps reduce other crime in our neighborhoods as well.  These are really sick people. Between my toiletry drive to help victims, and funding the LAPD to rescue the girls and arrest the men who would rape and hurt them, I will be unwavering in my efforts to combat this problem in our neighborhoods.

CD6 Strike Team Hard at Work

Every day I have a “Strike Team” out in the district addressing some of the most pressing needs of clean-up, bulky-item pick-up, and other nuisances.  The City’s 3-1-1 system is helpful, most of the time.  But occasionally, there’s a need for a more urgent response, and my team can help with that.  If you have a pressing issue, please call my office, and we’ll send the Strike Team out to help if possible.

Street Resurfacing Throughout Council District 6

For many years residents of Council District 6 have not seen their fair share of city services.  Since being your Councilwoman, I have been working hard to ensure that trend is reversed.  Recently, I’ve been working to bring street resurfacing to some of our worst streets in the district.  We will continue to other areas of the district, but in the past month, we’ve seen street resurfacing in Arleta, Sun Valley and Panorama City East. This picture is from the resurfacing work in Panorama City East in mid-January. If you know of a street in the district that needs attention, please call my office and let us know.

Human Trafficking Awareness Month Annual Toiletry Drive

Every year I partner with key service organizations that work with victims of human trafficking, to provide them with toiletries. When a girl or woman is rescued from human trafficking, she often comes with little more than the clothes she’s wearing.  That’s why the toiletry drive is so important.  Giving these women the hygiene and toiletry items she needs often makes a huge difference in helping her feel some level of comfort and normalcy return to her life. We could really use your help as we hope to exceed last year’s successful drive.  We need things like shampoo, toothbrushes, tampons, deodorant, etc.  You can drop these items off at any one of my offices, or at bins throughout City Hall.  I hope you’ll join me and give a little to help these women. This year’s donations will go to two incredible organizations:  Journey Out and Saving Innocence.  Both groups serve women and girls in Los Angeles.

Homeless "HOPE Teams" are Showing Success in Council District 6

Last year, the City developed new HOPE Teams which will bring LAPD and homeless service providers together with the other City departments to help provide services to homeless people in our City, as well as clean-up unhealthy and dangerous encampments.  This new approach creates dedicated teams that can develop relationships of trust with our homeless community, and they’re seeing incredible results.  I worked to bring the City’s first HOPE Team to the Valley, and I continue to be impressed with their work.  I recently received this note from LAPD Sergeant Padilla from the HOPE Team, that really demonstrates the impact of the work we’re doing: More

Neighborhood Improvements at Wingo Street

In mid-2015, residents on Wingo Street in Arleta contacted my office to let us know that there were massive encampments building up and causing a serious health and safety issue in the alley immediately abutting some residential properties.  This walkway was completely blocked by garbage and debris.  Neighbors were particularly concerned with the illegal activity happening at in this alley at night, as well as the serious fire hazard.  In addition, the accumulation of trash and waste had created an awful smell for the neighborhood, and potential bio-hazard concerns.  These conditions were right outside the windows of the people’s home, and put kids in danger as well. More

Resurfacing Streets in CD6

The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services has been working hard in CD6 again this last month, coordinating with my office on repairing some of our neighborhood streets. They have resurfaced more than 109,000 square feet of roads in North Hills East and 94,000 square feet in Panorama City. Recently, they were working along Chase St., Marklein Ave and Napa St. in North Hills East, and along Burton Street in Panorama City. They've also started work Willis Ave. between Nordoff Street and Roscoe Blvd. I will continue to bring our fair share of city services to the San Fernando Valley. More

LA's Safe Sidewalk Program

The City of Los Angeles has launched an unprecedented sidewalk repair program, SAFE SIDEWALKS LA, which will invest $1.4 billion over 30 years to make sidewalks accessible to everyone. This collaborative effort included three years of public hearings and input from hundreds of residents across the City. More

New Neighborhood Watch: Arleta and Panorama City

Another newly formed Neighborhood Watch group in CD6 is in the Alreta/Panorama City area.  They held their first meeting on December 7th, and over 45 people attended!  They met at the American Legion Post 817 in Panorama City.   More

CD6 Strike Team

My “Strike Team” is busy in the District nearly every day.  Recently when winds blew down many trees throughout the City, there were too many issues for the Urban Forestry Division to handle, so my Strike Team assisted in clearing some local CD6 roads from fallen tree debris. Most days, my Strike Team is assisting with picking up bulky items and cleaning up dumped trash throughout the district.  This team is able to do more than if we simply relied exclusively on our regular crews. My Strike Team places a priority on public safety issues (i.e. blocked roads and sidewalks) as well as cleaning near schools.  However, if you have an issue that isn’t being addressed by the City’s crews quickly enough, or have an immediate need, please contact my Sun Valley office to see if the Strike Team can help.  We are looking to keep CD6 clean and safe for everyone!