Fighting Against Human Trafficking

Ten months ago, along with LAPD Operations-Valley Bureau Deputy Chief Bob Green, I established that bureau’s Human Trafficking Task Force.  In June, I was able to secure $1million to keep this task force operating through the next year.

Press Conference picture

Growing up in this area, I know that human trafficking and prostitution have long been a problem.  Particularly along Sepulveda Blvd. and Lankershim Blvd. we’ve often seen men circling our blocks and picking up women.  Sometimes, in the mornings people find used condoms or other disgusting remnants of this activity.  When I was elected to be your Councilwoman, I made the fight against this activity a priority.  Last week, I joined Chief Green and the Human Trafficking Task Force leader, Lieutenant Marc Evans, at a press conference to announce the successes we’ve seen. This task force has worked incredibly hard the last ten months to help the women and girls who are often victims of sexual slavery by gang members and other criminals, and only by locking up the pimps and the “Johns” who try to buy these victims, will we begin to really curb the activity in our neighborhoods.  Here are the numbers we announced last week:

4 arrests for Human Trafficking

21 arrests for Pimping/Pandering

177 arrests of “Johns”

2,179 Traffic Citations

87 Referrals to non-profit organizations

11 Victims of Human Trafficking Rescued

79 Vehicles impounded (most belonging to “Johns”)

169 Meetings with community members to share information

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