Empowering Women in the Valley

In early October, I visited Studio City as part of La Femme Club’s EMPOWER Conference. Founded and organized by students from Harvard Westlake, the EMPOWER Conference brings together women from a diverse field of careers to discuss their experiences navigating industries usually dominated by men. I was proud to share stories from my career in politics and the challenges I have faced along the way.

I shared how I got I learned activism from my Mother as she picketed Pacoima’s Price Pfister factory after they decided to close and take her job and hundreds of others from our community to Mexico. In sharing my story, I was reminded of how important it is for women to support each other. I came away from the afternoon encouraged by the impressive young women who brought this event together. These girls have harnessed the incredible opportunities that a school like Harvard Westlake has to offer, and have used their privilege to empower each other and themselves. I am proud to have helped.