Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Holding Them Accountable

Press conference with City AttorneyWhen a woman walks into a crisis pregnancy center, she expects to speak to a trained professional who will provide her with all the information she needs to make an informed decision about what is best for her and her pregnancy.  When a woman doesn’t get all the accurate information about what options she has available to her, it creates unnecessary roadblocks and delays that can be detrimental to her health and well-being.  Throughout the state there are places billed as crisis pregnancy centers.  We have two such locations in the San Fernando Valley.  Unfortunately, too often these places will keep vital information from pregnant women and pressure them into making very specific decisions aligned with the center’s pre-determined course of action.  That can put the mother’s life and health at risk, unnecessarily. 

I am working closely with City Attorney Mike Feuer on his enforcement of a state law that requires these locations to provide every woman withl the full list of services.  I stood with City Attorney Feurer recently to announce the City’s intention to enforce the state law requiring all pregnancy centers let patients know about services available to them.  I’ve also introduced a motion that will ask the City Attorney and other city departments to report to the Council if other measures are needed to make that enforcement more effective.