Celebrating Latina History Day

This year, I was proud to recognize March as Women’s History Month and create the opportunity for our City to remember great women that have changed history. In addition, we dedicated March 13th for Latina History Day because as we recognize all women, we can also remember the role Latinas have played and continue to play in women’s history and American society. 

Latina History Day photo with studentsAs part of the celebration, I joined Hispanas Organized for Political Equality's 24th annual Latina History Day conference which taught adults and students about Latinas important to American history.

Latinas today are breaking barriers and pioneering fields our mothers only dreamed. This year, we saw Gina Rodriguez win a Golden Globe for her role on Jane the Virgin. Blanca Ramirez from La Puente aspired to set the world record for being the youngest female to run a marathon on all seven continents- she did this at the age of 12. And locally, we have women such as Luz Rivas and Noramay Cadenas who are inspiring and empowering women and girls to enter STEM fields.


These Latinas are redefining what it means to be Latina in our nation. Latinas as a whole are making advances in society and in our city. But we must work together to re-imagine our future in a positive light and begin to see ourselves as leaders, CEOs and trendsetters. As only the second Latina to sit on City Council and the first in 25 years, I believe that the more we see ourselves in these roles the more we can change the future of our nation.