Bringing Earth Day Home to the Sixth District

I’ve always known that it can be hard to make environmental issues feel local, especially when families are trying to put food on the table and still save a little money on the side. But while it can be overwhelming for our residents to worry about global warming, issues like air quality, pollution and open space can make a big difference in our daily lives.

Today communities and nations across the world celebrate Earth Day. Here in the Sixth, we all can take an active part in making our neighborhoods better by participating in simple events such as community clean ups.  More importantly, these events allow us to work together to create safe and clean environments in our local neighborhoods.

That’s why this weekend my staff teamed up with the Arleta and Sun Valley Area neighborhood councils to beautify our neighborhoods. In Arleta, we worked together with community members to sweep and pick up trash and debris from around Beachy Elementary. Residents joined my team and the Arleta neighborhood Council to clean the many streets and alleys surrounding the school. 

Sun Valley Clean up

In Sun Valley, the community got together to paint the benches at Sun Valley Park and the Sun Valley Recreation Center. Our work resulted in the adoption of 9 trees by local residents, a fresh coat of paint for six benches and a deep spring clean for our local park by Team Nury, Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council and the Crockett Street Neighborhood Watch.

Arleta Clean up

I’m always proud to work with our residents to make a brighter future for our District and we can do so much together. Residents are doing even more than clean ups and many assisting with bigger projects.  From the future Rory Shaw Wetlands which will not only allow us to control flood waters but will open up 40 acres of park land for Sun Valley families to the Woodman Ave. medians that have drought resistant landscape and also collect rain water, together, we can make the Sixth beautiful for future Earth Days.

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