Addressing Homelessness in CD6



On October 13th, I hosted a Homeless Town Hall at Rosa Parks Learning Center in North Hills.  We all know that homelessness is a serious and complex

 problem in our communities, so I wanted to tackle the issue head on with residents of Council District Six.  There are no easy solutions, but my commitment is to the people who live and work in CD6, and the families and kids who walk to school on our sidewalks and play in our parks. We must have a healthy and safe environment for everyone.






At the Homeless Town Hall, my Chief of Staff shared the many proactive steps I’m taking with my staff, as well as the limitations the law places on us for cleaning up encampments.  Ultimately, my goal is to ensure we are aggressive in our efforts to end homelessness, and make sure that CD6 isn’t unduly impacted by this ever-present problem.  We had Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, Commander Chamberlain from LAPD who oversees the City’s HOPE Teams, as well as representatives of the Bureau of Sanitation and homeless service providers on hand to answer questions from residents.

I am committed to making sure that homeless encampments don’t overrun our City’s sidewalks and parks, and don’t pose a health or safety problem to our neighborhoods or schools.  I’m also committed to ensuring that all areas of the City are equally responsible for being part of the solutions of ending homelessness.

Should you have an encampment or other homelessness concerns, I encourage you to contact one of my district offices to report it immediately, so we can begin directing resources where they’re needed the most.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Homelessness Town Hall.  We had a large turn out, and it’s clear that CD6 residents are frustrated with the problem, and eager to find solutions to this incredibly difficult issue in our communities.